Work Plans

Nore Barn Woods are part of the Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the southern edge and marsh is a SINC (Site of Importance for Nature Conservation).

The aims of work in the wood are:

·        To maintain and improve the woods, retaining the general character

·        To improve wildlife by creating a range of habitats

·        To ensure the long term survival of the woods so that future generations can enjoy

What are the threats to the woods?

The hawthorn trees are over-mature, so they are toppling early and leaving bare areas which are difficult to repopulate. They are also too tall, so light does not reach the forest floor.

Holly is spreading, crowding out more desirable plants.

The age range of oaks is very limited, all being about 60 years old. This is not good for continuous tree cover in the future.

There is full public access to the wood which causes trampling of undergrowth and dogs chasing wildlife. There is also occasional vandalism.

How will the aims be achieved and the threats minimised?

To improve wildlife a variety of habitats will be created and maintained. These are:

·        Dead fallen timber – timber piles are good for insect life

·        Standing dead timber – dead trees support bird and bat life

·        Central ride – the edges of the open area are excellent for flowers

·        Glades – also good for flowers and butterflies

·        Bramble – home to birds

·        Improve and replant the hedge – good for bird life and to act as a corridor for all wildlife

·        Consider climate change and plant appropriate species

The amount of light within the wood will be increased by coppicing or pollarding selected areas of trees, and allowing them to regrow. Invasive and non-native plants will be controlled.

All work will be carried out following accepted conservation practices.

To define this conservation work a 3 year plan has been agreed with Havant Borough Council (HBC), based on a Woodland Plan approved by the Forestry Commission. All tree work is covered by a Felling licence from the Forestry Commission. To monitor progress HBC visits yearly. If you wish to have further information, or to comment upon the work plan, please contact the Chairman.



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