Nore Barn Woods - Ancient Woodlands Survey

An Ancient Woodlands Survey was carried out by the Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre on 20.5.04. The report is paraphrased below.

Area covered
Nore Barn Wood SU 7370 0530 and Nore Barn Wood Grassland SU 7386 0532
See the attached map to identify Areas 1, 2 and 3 which are described below.

Site description
The site is an area of woody scrub and grassland along the edge of salt marsh near Emsworth. The woodland is not ancient, but there is a fair species diversity and 8 ancient woodland indicators. The grassland is improved and species-poor. There are a few areas of salt marsh present along the southern edge.

The site appears unmanaged. There is much public use of the site.


Subsite descriptions

Nore Barn Woods Map


Area 1 - WlOc Quercus robur-Pteridium aquilinum-Rubus fruticosus woodland, Hedera helix sub-community /W21 Crataegus monogyna-Hedera helix scrub
Canopy The canopy is rather short and scrubby. The main tree species are hawthorn and oak. There is
rare field maple, ash and willow.
Shrub layer The understorey has frequent elder. There is occasional hawthorn, ash, field maple, holly and blackthorn.
Field layer The ground flora is not very rich in species or cover. There is abundant bare ground and ivy.
There is much bramble, rough meadow-grass, stinging-nettle, lesser celandine and cleavers.
Other species noted include ramsons, soft shield fern, stinking iris, butcher's broom and giant

Area 2 - MG6a Lolium perenne-Cynosurus cristatus grassland, typical sub-community
The sward is short and species-poor. Grasses dominated, such as rye , meadow-grasses, cock'sfoot and red fescue. The most frequent herbs are buttercups, selfheal, white clover and plantains.

Area 3 - SM24 Elymus pycanthus saltmarsh
The sward is rough in places. The main species are red fescue and sea cooch. There also some meadow brome, creeping bent, meadow-grasses, wild carrot and sea beet. There is some oak, hawthorn and bramble scrub.

Nore Barn Wood – Trees and shrubs

The following Tree/shrub species were found:

Dog Rose
Beech Fern - thelypteris
Field Rose

Hazel Ivy
Portugal Laurel
Pussy Willow Privet
Sycamore Snowberry

Nore Barn Wood – Ancient Woodland Vascular Plants

The following 8 species were found out of a list of 100 species most strongly associated with ancient woodlands:

Butcher’s Broom
Fern - polystichum
Field Maple
Field Rose
Giant Fescue
Stinking Iris

Only the Ransom and Polystichum are of the 36 species which could indicate long continuity.

Nore Barn Grassland
47 species of herbs and grasses found. None are of species which could indicate long continuity.

Further information
The full survey can be obtained from the FONBW Secretary.



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