Projects undertaken and supported by the Friends of Nore Barn Woods have included:

England Coast Path  ( a Natural England Project) The proposed route follows the Solent Way through Nore Barn Woods to Warblington. To improve access it is proposed to extend the raised walkway westward from Warblington Road and to replace the bridge with an extended, slimmer, higher bridge. This will improve public safety and bring environmental benefits.  Details

Shoreline Conservation The Shoreline Conservation Project designed to prevent further erosion of the southern edge of the woods began in 2012 and was completed in early 2016. Details

Hedgerow Project The initial work on the 300m hedge along the Wayfarers Walk was done in 2015 – coppicing and replanting short lengths in conjunction with the Tree Council.  Since the further work ha been undertaken to develop a hawthorn/fruit hedge which will form a rich environmental habitat to complement other schemes in the woods. Details


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