What's Happening in Nore Barn Woods

February 2021

Winter is the time when woodland management occurs, before the bird nesting season starts in March and April.  A detailed management plan for the wood has been agreed with the Forestry Commission.

The work involves creating a coppice cycle, where trees are cut to the ground every 10 years. This brings more light into the wood so that ground flora thrives, and keeps the wood youthful. A felling licence allows 6 cubic metres of wood to be felled each year in the main wood. 

An important habitat is dead wood, both on the ground and standing. Standing dead wood is important for bird and bat life (the rarest bat in Europe the Western Barbastelle visits the wood). So more of this environment is being created.

The oaks too are all of the same age – about 70 years, and the opportunity is being taken to select individuals to increase this range.

Work parties are currently on hold until lockdown becomes easier.

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