Shoreline Conservation

The Shoreline Conservation Project designed to prevent further erosion of the southern edge of the woods began in 2012 snd was completed in early 2016.

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The Friends of Nore Barn Woods held a celebration event in September 2016to mark the successful completion of the Shore Conservation Project.  Finishing this final stretch means that the southern boundary of the woods is now protected by a sloping bank of interlocking concrete blocks which will be colonised by plants as the years go on. The footpath and a line of oaks are now protected from undercutting at high tide.  Guests at the event included Richard Craven, Harbour Master and Director of the Chichester Harbour Conservancy who cut the ribbon to mark the completed final section of the shore protection work. He congratulated the Friends on their hard work in getting the funds together and investing so much time and effort into completing the work from 2010 to 2016.  Also at the event were representatives of many of the funding bodies who had contributed sums large and small to the work.


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