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Spotted Redshank Birds Butterflies


The Spotted Redshank returns

he famous “Nore Barn” Spotted Redshank has been overwintering at the stream yearly since 2004. It usually arrives in the period October to November and departs in March.  The bird also appears on YouTube The bird prefers feeding when the tide is fairly high, usually around 1-2 hours either side of high water. It is best seen on spring tides, when it can come right onto the beach within a few yards of where you are standing.





Birds commonly observed in the woods:

Blackcap Magpie
Blue Tit Pheasant
Bullfinch Pied Wagtail
Chaffinch Robin
Collared Dove Seagull
Crow Sparrow
Gold Crest Sparrowhawk
Great Tit Starling
Great Spotted Woodpecker Thrush
Grey Wagtail Treecreeper
Jay Wood Pigeon
Kestrel Wren
Kingfisher Yellow Hammer

See also Photos of some of the birds that can be found in Nore Barn Woods and along the adjacent shoreshore HERE


Some of the butterflies that can be found in Nore Barn Woods

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