The Friends of Nore Barn Woods

BWhat’s happening in Nore Barn Woods?


  SOctober 2018

Norse/HBC have carried out an environmental grass cut/collect at the end of August – see picture. This reduces the vigour of the grasses and allows wild flowers to thrive. Norse have also strimmed the perimeter paths, and the Friends are raking off all the arisings.


About 20% of the hedge saplings planted last January have died, due to drought. These will be replaced before Christmas.


The renowned Spotted Redshank has not put in an appearance as of the end of September. A regular visitor to the stream since 2004, we keep our fingers crossed!


Future work days will be held throughout the year on the following Saturdays 9:30 to 12:00 noon. All welcome. Meet at the shore end of Warblington Road. Please bring gardening gloves – everything else is provided (including refreshments!).

13 Oct

10 Nov

15 Dec

For further information on the Friends Of Nore Barn Woods or for donations, please contact: Roy Ewing Tel 01243 370705

FRIENDS OF NORE BARN WOODS Charity Registration No. 1161720 
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