The "Horses Field  designated UE11

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The isolation of Nore Barn Woods is enhanced by its location on the shoreline of
Chichester Harbour and the open countryside to the West.

However there is a threat to this countryside from potential house building in a field to the north of Nore Barn.

This 3.5 ha field is designated UE11, and is located on the A259 Havant Road, opposite the Brookfield Hotel. It is also known as the “horse field”.

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Unfortunately in 2011 the field was included in the draft Havant Borough Council “Local Development Framework” (the new name for the Local Plan) as potential building land for 123 houses.

The main objections to the proposal were:

  • The field is part of the Area of Outstanding Beauty
  • The land is grazed by Brent Geese, a protected species
  • The Emsworth-Havant gap would be severely reduced

Public opinion and common sense eventually won the day, and in November 2013 the final version of the plan excluded the horse field. This was confirmed by the government Inspector in July 2014.