The Flowering Plants and Grasses of Nore Barn Woods


Colour Height cm Months
Nore Barn Wood - South Location
Feb Butchers broom General 5-7
March Lesser celandine Pollard area Yellow 5-25 3-5
Sweet Violet General Purple 3-6
Common chickweed Grass area, N of horse sign White 5 Many
April Allium triquetrum NE of wood White 4-6
White dead nettle Wayfarers Walk White 60 4-6
Red dead nettle Wayfarers Walk Red 10-30 3-12
Garlic mustard General, Wayfarers Walk White 30-100 4-5
Cow parsley Wayfarers Walk White 50-100 4-5
Hairy garlic Wayfarers Walk - 2nd tree west of bend White 20-40
Herb Robert General Red 10-40 5-9
Bluebell General, west of wood Blue 20-50 4-6
Wild Arum/Lords & Ladies General Purple 15-30 4-5
Ramson General, west of wood White
Wood speedwell NE of SW glade Blue 4-7
Dandelion General Yellow 5-20 3-10
Creeping buttercup Grass area Yellow 60 5-9
Hedge Mustard S path Yellow 30-90 6-8
May Common Vetch South path, between horse paths Red To 2m
Red clover Grass area Red 10-40 5-9
Smooth hawksbeard General Yellow 6-12
Spotted medick South path - east of notice board Yellow 10 5-8
Wood avens General Yellow 30-60 5-9
Greater stitchwort General, west path, south path White 20-50 6-9
Yellow iris Centre glade Yellow 100 5-7
Greater Plantain Wayfarers Walk Nr Knee to East White 5-9
Scentless Mayweed Wayfarers Walk Nr Knee to East White 50 5-8
Lesser Sea Spurrey Grass area Nr Path Pink 5-9
June Woody nightshade (bittersweet) East end of horse path, general Purple To 2m 6-9
Chives General, grass area Pink 6-7
White clover Grass area White 10-50 6-9
Dog rose General, grass area Red To 3m 6-7
Honeysuckle West path Yell/pink To 6m 6-8
Birdsfoot Trefoil West fence Yellow 40 5-9
Meadow Vetchling grass area (north edge) Yellow 5-8
Sea beet South path  White 7-9
Mallow General Pink 45-90 6-9
Field bindweed Grass area Pk/whi 75 6-9
Silverweed W of barrier Yellow 10 5-9
Black mustard E end of horse path Yellow 1m 5-8
Broad leaved willowherb Wayfarers Walk Pink 6-9
Cleavers (goosegrass) Wayfarers Walk White 6-8 5-6
Scented Mayweed White 6-7
Creeping Cinquefoil Wayfarers Walk Midway West from Knee Yellow 15 6-7
Broad-leaved Dock Wayfarers Walk Western End Reddish 100 6-10
Redshank Wayfarers Walk Western End Pink 6-10
Sorrel Centre Glade Red 30-80 5-6
July White Bryony Above first bench Greenish 4m 5-8
Pineappleweed Path near noticeboard Yellow 25 6-10
Great willowherb glades Pink 150 7-8
Rosebay willowherb General Pink 120 6-9
Self heal Pollard area Purple 5-20 4-7
Hedge Woundwort Centre Glade Pink 30-80 6-9
Tutsan (St John's Wort) E of Centre Glade Yellow 6-8
Slender St Johns Wort Pollard area Yellow 6-8
Agrimony Grass area, plus SW path Yellow 30-60 6-8
Hemp agrimony Horse path Pink 120 7-9
Golden samphire Sea wall Yellow 7-8
Perforate St Johns Wort Centre Glade Yellow 7-8
Spear Thistle Centre Glade Purple 150 7-10
Creeping Thistle Centre Glade Purple 90 7-9
Aug Field Scabious Grass area Pink 30-70 6-10
Enchanters Nightshade Centre Glade White 20-70 6-8
Nipplewort Wayfarers Walk Yellow 6-10
Black Knapweed Grass area Purple 6-9
Smooth sow thistle E end of Wayfarers Walk, on wood edge Yellow 6-8
Spear-leaved Orache  Wayfarers Walk,  East of bend Reddish 8-9
Sept Lesser burdock Centre Glade, Wayfarers Walk Purple 130 7-9
Sea Aster Grass area near saltmarsh Purple To 60 7-11
Autumn Hawkbit Circle on grass area Yellow 7-10
Black bryony N of Centre Glade Green To 3m 5-7
Nov Wild pansy NE of SW glade White 4-9
Winter heliotrope Wayfarers Walk White 11-2
Other Male Fern  Western end of wood 60

English Scurvy grass SE corner of marsh  White
Lax flowered sea lavender Purple 7-8
Common sea lavender Mud, E of barrier Purple 7-9
Sea Couch Grass Salt Marsh opposite Maisemore Houses 
Spartina Salt Marsh opposite Maisemore Houses 
Annual seablite Salt Marsh opposite Maisemore Houses  Green 7-10
Glass Wort ( marsh samphire) Salt Marsh opposite Maisemore Houses  15
Common Sea Lavender Salt Marsh opposite Maisemore Houses 
Sea Plantain Salt Marsh opposite Maisemore Houses  Yellow
Common Reed ( Phragmites) North of Bridge
Sea Plantain Eastern End Saltmarsh near stream
Sea Wormwood Eastern End Saltmarsh near stream
Annual Meadow Grass Wayfarers Walk near knee to East
Common cord-grass
False Oat Grass Wayfarers Walk Western End
False Brome Wayfarers Walk midway West from knee