The Friends of Nore Barn Woods

The North Woods

Although the Friends have been managing the Nore Barn South wood since 2002, it is only since Dec 2009 that they have assumed joint management of the north wood with Havant Borough Council.

This north wood is 1.5 acres of willow and alder woodland, bounded by Maisemore Gardens to the east and fields to the west.

The southern portion of the wood is a typical example of a “wet woodland”. A stream runs past a brackish pond and into reed beds before discharging into the harbour. The wood and stream form an important wildlife corridor.

Unfortunately the wood has suffered from garden intrusion by some of the bordering houses. These intrusions are being discussed with HBC.

The main objectives of work by the Friends will be to maintain the general character of the wet wood, and to minimise the garden intrusions and their effects. Water levels will be preserved, to preserve the ecosystem of the wet wood.

In practical terms this means:

  • Clearing domestic and garden rubbish.

  • Removal of invasive and non-woodland plants.

  • Planting open areas with hazel.

  • Establishing the boundary of the woods.

Trees will be managed by:

  • Coppicing Hazel clumps over several years.

  • Selective pollarding of ancient willows, to prevent collapse and to reinvigorate growth

  • Trees over 6” diameter will be the responsibility of HBC.

 Because of the wet nature of the wood it is not suitable for general public access. Nothing will be done to improve external access to the wood.




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