Coastal Flooding

Warblington - Emsworth Coastal Flooding

The “North Solent Shoreline Management Plan” was published in December 2010 after an extended period of public consultation.

See the Plan at:

The strategy in the Plan for west of Emsworth (which includes Nore Barn Woods) is “Hold the line”, at least for the next 20 years. However it is understood that no public money will be available to do this.

Further studies are to take place to determine the action beyond the 20 year mark, to see whether “Managed retreat” is an option for the Warblington to Conigar Point section. This would need to take into account environmental considerations such as the “High Level Roost” directive for seabirds.

Managed retreat would mean that the following areas could be under threat sometime in the future, with no agreed strategy to provide alternative paths etc:

  • Warblington Castle
  • Warblington church
  • Warblington cemetery,
  • Wayfarers Walk/ Solent Way
  • Nore Barn Woods

The Friends of Nore Barn Woods believe that the woods and the area through to Warblington are a major recreational area for Emsworth residents and visitors alike. Ideally these facilities would be actively managed and supported, rather than allowed to disappear.

The Friends will continue to monitor the situation.


March 2012


 More photos of flooded Emsworth on March 10th 2008: HERE